Lindsay Lohan's Alleged Fight Victim Was Apparently Laughing After Spat


Michael Lohan claimed that the woman accusing his daughter Lindsay Lohan of being the aggressor in their alleged altercation was being dishonest.

And now it seems he has a witness to back him up. An onlooker who witnessed the actress’ spat with Tiffany Eve Mitchell says that the incident has been “blown out of proportion.”

Lindsay will be in court on January 7 for allegedly assaulting the psychic last month in Avenue nightclub in New York City.

But someone who saw what went on has claimed that Tiffany was “laughing” afterwards so things couldn’t have been that serious.

The witness told “A lot more was made out to have happened then actually did. I think it was all blown out of proportion. [Tiffany] had no bruises, she wasn’t hurt. She stood outside laughing with her friends afterwards! She didn’t even want to get in the ambulance when it came.”

Lindsay and Tiffany were reportedly both trying to flirt with The Wanted singer Max George, when they clashed and LiLo reportedly hit Tiffany.

She was then arrested and later summoned for court. Lindsay’s dad revealed that he has hired a private detective to investigate Tiffany, as he believes her story isn’t true.

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