Lemar: One Direction prove it’s better not to win X Factor

Lemar, the Original TV Talent Show Runner Up, Talks X Factor and Collaborations

Before the likes of Olly Murs, One Direction and Cher Lloyd were even dreaming of pop stardom, Lemar was the first talent show runner-up to eclipse the success of his series winner after finishing third in 'Fame Academy' ten years ago.


After a two-year break from the industry, Lemar is back with new single 'Invincible' which even on our first listen we knew had comeback written all over it.

Talking exclusively to omg! Lemar told us what he thinks about the prominence of TV talent shows now such as 'The X Factor' and the 'The Voice'.

He joked: "I think it's much more acceptable, I think it's a part of society, Christmas happens, summer happens, and every year The X Factor happens!"

During his time on 'Fame Academy' (that takes us back!), Lemar was the hot favourite to win the series but was pipped to the post by singer/songwriter David Sneddon (who incidentally penned Lana Del Ray's new single 'National Anthem').

So why is it that acts such as Lemar and One Direction have managed to forge such successful careers after missing out on taking home first place?

Lemar thinks it's all down to what happens after the show has finished, admitting: "I think the public aren't silly, there's the TV show side of it which is down to music, down to popularity, how much of your story they show but then after the show, it really is down to the music that you put out."

Without the pressure of having to rush out new music, Lemar thinks that runners up such as himself could have the edge.

He explained: "Sometimes when you come second, third or fourth you've got that little bit more time to think; 'Who do I want to be? How do I want to sound?' I'll write ten more songs than I would if I had won so I can get better'. Sometimes that reflects in the music and people will be like 'I'll buy this, it sounds like effort has been put into it'."

When we asked who his dream collaboration would be, it seems that Lemar has his eye on another talent show runner up.

He told us: "I was listening to Rebecca Ferguson's album the other day and it was extremely good- I listened to it three or four times. So she might be a nice lady to do something with, she's cool."

Rebecca and Lemar? We like the sound of that. We like the sound of that a lot.