LeAnn Rimes And Brandi Glanville 'Both Look Bad'


Christmas might be a time for love and forgiveness, but the very public feud between Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville and singer LeAnn Rimes is showing no signs of slowing down. Their fight keeps hitting the headlines, but according to a team of PR experts, there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Jamie Krauss, the director of Narrative Group PR told Fox News: "I think they're putting the kids in the middle and that's absolutely making them look bad... if I could give Leann Rimes one piece of advice, I would stop tweeting.

"It's really important that you get a little strategic about how you handle a public incident like this."

Soulgee McQueen, the CEO of Trio Entertainment, added "I don't think that she should go back and forth, because then it becomes childlike and then everyone is going to be in your business. Then everyone is going to get the option to judge you."

Krauss suggested that although he thought Leann's tweeting was a bad move, he could understand the reasoning behind it. "Controversy does increase whatever it is you're trying to sell. If there's anything going on during the time you're putting anything out, it will definitely boost sales."

So, what will win? Leann's album or Brandi's book? Which would you rather buy, and why? Tell us!

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