Kylie Jenner can't remember not being famous

Maybe it's not that surprising since she grew up surrounded by the Kardashian clan, but Kylie Jenner has admitted she does not know what it feels like not to be famous.

Kylie has one of the best known families in the world, so she cannot remember a time before fame.

The little sister of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, Kylie was just nine years old when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first started filming, and she can't remember what life was like before everyone in the world knew her name. Now 16, she told US Weekly that she also doesn't know how to live life any differently.

Kylie explains: "I don't remember how it was before (I was famous) because I was nine when this all started, so it's kind of like I grew up into it. It's kind of like I don't know any different.

"It's brought me such great things. I'm so grateful for everything."

Kylie is right about that - she has a fashion line, a jewellery collection, and is now working on a book all while she is still at high school. She has also suggested that she might try going into acting one day, but still isn't sure about what career path she wants to take. Sounds like she's had plenty of work experience already.