How Kim Kardashian took Paris Hilton's crown of Queen Socialite

A few resasons why Kim Kardashian's reign as Queen Socialite will always be more relveant than the previous holder, Paris Hilton

You cannot deny that Paris Hilton was probably one of the most sought after celebrities of the early 2000s, probably up until about 2006. The only answer to the dwindling career of Paris Hilton, is Kim Kardashian and there's a few reasons why Kim is the current media queen.

Paris Hilton like, invented Kim Kardashian (hence the 'Mean Girls' reference), like she really did. Their former friendship compares to the friendship of Regina George and Gretchen Wiener when thinking of these two ladies, with Paris of course being Regina and Kim being Gretchen.

Lets just break this down in a nice old fashioned comparison review to see exactly why Kim is on top and see why Paris, well, is struggling to climb back up.

Kim Kardashian is more relatable than Paris Hilton

Whenever I think of Paris Hilton, I always think of 'spoiled little rich kid' who we were kinda just forced to put up with. It can be argued that Kim Kardashian plays a similar role publicly, but at least we've been able to see her fall in love, out of love, we've even seen her divorce in an embarrassing time scale of 72 days. Thus proving that she's at least relatable and someone, somewhere may be going through similar situations.

Sure she may come across a little artificial and ditzy, but a lot of people also enjoy the fact that Kim celebrates her curvacious figure, thus identifying with a legion of fans that share similar body types. Paris on the other hand has kind of built herself on being a life size barbie, setting unrealistic ambitions and expectations for women who wished to look like the heiress herself.

Kim is about to give birth to little KimYe

Kim is about to have a baby with Kanye West. Why is this a big deal? Well, Kim has solidified herself as one of the medias leading 'It' girls and Kanye is one of the most controversial rappers of our time, so these factors alone will have us on the edge of our seats as we await the arrival of their newborn.

The birth of little KimYeezy will probably result in endless magazine spreads, several interviews, who knows maybe we'll all be invited to a televised showing of the christening on TV?

After the birth of her child, I'm sure Kim will land many endorsement deals with dieting brands, maybe even workout DVDs, all of these things will ensure Kim will remain in the spotlight, thus expanding on her time span in the spotlight.

Another point for Kim!

Kim is more accessible than Paris

Much to the annoyance of her anti-campaigners; Kim Kardashian is everywhere and I mean, everywhere. Whether it is reality television, Twitter, Instagram or billboards. She is everywhere and probably one of the most accessible figures in celebrity culture at this current time.

Granted she may slow down on her socialite status once she becomes a new Mum, we've witnessed Kim become BFFs with practically the entire industry. She is the current socialite queen, it doesn't matter if you're a friend of Kim or not, if you're a high profile celebrity, she's turning up at your event. You don't really have a choice!

I predict that Paris will try and worm her way back into the spotlight in the near future, (you know that popular girls don't like to stay out of the spotlight for too long) but will she be able to take her spot back from Kim?

Time will tell, but as for now Kim has her beat all across the board so she's got a lot of catching up to do!