Kelly Osbourne Spent Thousands On Diamond-Encrusted Watch When Drunk


Kelly Osbourne once spent thousands on a diamond-encrusted Chanel J12 watch when drunk and couldn't recall her purchase the next day.

The Fashion Police panellist, who now rarely drinks, admits she regularly went on extravagant spending sprees when drunk and could not remember the expensive purcheses she'd made after waking up the following morning.

She told In Touch magazine: "My biggest splurge purchase ever was a diamond-encrusted Chanel J12 watch.

"I woke up wondering who gave me such a beautiful gift, then I found the receipt in my purse. A good lesson learned in my former life - don't drink and shop."

The star also opened up about her fashion woes revealing that a famous friend stole part of a unique travel bag set given to her by singer Sir Elton John.

She said: "Elton John gave me a silver, leather Hermes weekend travel collection bag set. It's a one of a kind, but I only have two of the pieces left because a certain young starlet stole it from my house."

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