Kelly Brook Was 'Inspired' By Tulisa Sex Tape

Kelly Brook Was 'Inspired' By Tulisa Sex Tape
Kelly Brook Was 'Inspired' By Tulisa Sex Tape

Kelly Brook has been busy promoting the upcoming Keith Lemon: The Film, in which she plays a sex-crazed and 'heightened' version of herself...

And now the model has revealed that Tulisa's leaked sex tape was her inspiration when it came to preparing for the role.


Appearing on ITV's Loose Women, the Piranha 3D star revealed that audiences were going to get a LOT more than they bargained for in Keith Lemon's film.

She even suggested the film was set to be more "offensive" and more "outrageous" than Sacha Baron Cohen's film, Borat.

And apparently Miss Brook is set to cross a few lines herself when she appears in a very suggestive scene... alongside an asparagus.

"I did a lot of research for that scene. Tulisa’s tape came in quite handy. I watched that a few times!"

The ITV show refused to show the clip as it was "too suggestive" so you're going to have to use your imaginations until the film hits our screens later this year.

We doubt if we'll ever look at asparagus in the same way again...

Tulisa and Kelly Brook flash the flesh!


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