Keira Knightley Says The Idea That Men And Women Are Equal 'Is Ridiculous'

16 November 2012

She's not the most outspoken actress in Hollywood, but Keira Knightley has recently made her feelings well-known on a particular subject.

The 27-year-old star has been discussing equality between the sexes, an idea which she says “is ridiculous.”

Keira made her thoughts known during an interview with Teen Vogue, in which she spoke about her latest movie, 'Anna Karenina'.

Referring to the fact that her character is shunned for her having an affair in the 1870's, Keira admitted that she doesn't think things are much different for women in present day.

“The rules of society might change, but the actions of society and the idea of the pack solidifying itself by turning against the individual is still as relevant today as it was back then,” she told the magazine.

“If you get a divorce, you're not going to necessarily lose your children or be ostracized by society, but it is much more likely that the woman will be dragged over the coals than the man.

“The woman will be held morally accountable. The idea that there is complete equality is ridiculous - we've only had the right to vote for less than a hundred years.”

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