Katy Perry Admits 'Now Isn't The Right Time For Motherhood'

Katy Perry Admits 'Now Isn't The Right Time For Motherhood'

So, Adele may have announced her pregnancy last night (June 29), however 'California Girl' Katy Perry has said that "now isn't the right time" for motherhood for her, but she still "likes London boys."

Katy announced last week that she also still believes in true love and the whole divorce procedure hasn't left her with too many doubts. She has now told The Daily Mirror that she looks upon her life as a "modern fairytale" and is keen to become a mother, although she admits that "now is not the right time."

Not surprised Katy - a film, single, album...when would you have time for motherhood?

"I want to be a mother but now's not the right time. A baby can't have a baby, and I'm still a baby," she admitted.

She was questioned as to whether she is afraid of falling in love again, following the marriage breakdown to comedian Russell Brand.

"No, absolutely not," she said. "I'm excited for the future, whatever it brings. I still believe in love, most definitely."

Meanwhile, Katy has also admitted that she wants a career just like the 'Queen of Pop' Madonna...who doesn't, eh?

The singer explained that she wants to evolve with every album and grow as an artist, in order to "keep everybody interested" for years to come.

"I think Madonna, especially in the beginning of her career when she was laying the foundation, was evolving every single time and giving a new visual and a new idea to the public," Perry told L'Uomo Vogue.

Hmm, wonder if we'll be seeing Katy in a cone bra anytime soon? Most definitely!

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