Katie Holmes Takes Suri Cruise On her First Commercial Flight

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Tom Cruise buys Suri puppies, lavishes her with designer clothes and whizzes her around the country in a private jet. Katie Holmes, on the other hand, is trying to give her daughter a more normal lifestyle...

She's been named the world's most stylish child (that'll be something to do with her $3 million wardrobe!), she's mastered heels by the tender age of 6 years old and she always get what she wants.

Well, she DID... until Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise underwent their spectacular divorce.

Ever since the split, it's become apparent that Katie is intent on giving her daughter a normal childhood; she's taken Suri off the designer freebie lists, she's taken away the mini heels and she's even denied Suri the puppy she's always wanted.

We imagine that Suri was overwhelmed when, in her first ever commercial flight, she was forced to mingle with mere mortals at a New York airport before flying out to Katie's hometown of Toldeo, Ohio.

Suri herself (read: "Suri" of the popular blog, Suri's Burn Book) was utterly disgusted by the mere suggestion that she should fly with the 'peasants':

"Fly commercial? You cannot be serious. I am too delicate for peasant travel."

We imagine the pampered princess at least flew first class. And we're willing to bet big bucks that Tom Cruise, after defying Katie's wishes and buying his daughter a puppy, will be all too willing to treat Suri to a private helicopter flight when he next sees her...

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