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Kate Middleton And Prince William 'Haven't Had Sex For Months'

11 July 2012

If you were holding out for a royal baby then you might have to wait a while because according to a bizarre new report Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton hardly get any time to have sex.

Most newly-weds are at it like rabbits, but according to Star magazine there are no fireworks in the bedroom for William and Kate because they are so busy. It seems William's job as a RAF Sea King Search and Rescue pilot is the main course of their bedroom disappointment because his schedule is so hectic.

As well as being posted to the Falklands earlier this year for a six week tour, the 30 year-old is reportedly exhausted after a long shift on the base and often spends nights away from home on duty.

A source revealed: “More often than not [for Kate], it’s a case of off to bed for the night on her own while her husband is working.”

While the Queen and Princess Diana fell pregnant within a year of their royal weddings Kate, who tied the knot with Will last April has yet to provide a royal heir. Author of 'William: The Rebel Prince' Nicholas Davies believes that it is Kate who has put the breaks on project baby.

“My guess is that she doesn’t want to spoil that gorgeous figure,” he told Hollywoodlife.

We don't exactly know how the source found out what the royal couple are getting up to in the bedroom but we find it hard to believe that the loved up royals are already getting bored between the sheets.

Prince William revealed in an interview in May that starting a family was his “main priority” and that he and Kate were very keen to get pregnant. They can't do that without getting down and dirty!

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Kate Middleton And Prince William 'Haven't Had Sex For Months'
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