Kate Middleton Dressed As A Baby For Uni Foam Party: Photo Revealed!


Kate Middleton probably thought she wouldn't be embarrassed about any potential photo leaks after snaps of the Duchess of Cambridge sans clothes were splashed across the international tabloids, but she'd be wrong as one from her University days has surfaced where the future queen is dressed as a baby.

Clearly a little less conservative in her student days, the brunette can be seen wearing a bib and nappy in the photo and appears to be covered in foam during a Freshers Week event at St Andrews University.

The photo, published by Us Weekly was reportedly taken during Raisin Weekend a tradition at the Scottish Uni where older students adopt a fresher to welcome them into the school.

The Duchess confessed to taking part in the festivities last week at a dinner in London to celebrate the 600th Anniversary of the University, the MailOnline reporting her saying: "I think there is a photo of it out there somewhere.”

With Kate now an international style icon, we have to say she's definitely upped her game in the style stakes.

The dinner to celebrate the University, where Kate first met and fell in love with Prince William Speaking at the dinner William, who is patron of the charity, opened up about his time at the University at the charity gala in London last night.

“Tonight is very special for Catherine and me,” the Prince said as he addressed the dinner. “We have been privileged to receive the best of university educations. Secondly, we all love St Andrews. We love it for the academic start in life it gives us.

“We love it for its traditions - traditions that lie at the very heart of Scotland’s history. We love it because it made us look beyond St Andrews, beyond the borders of Scotland, to the wide world."

He added: “But perhaps most important of all, we love it for the friendships it has given us.”

Kate And Wills At St Andrews Gala

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Kate Middleton Dressed As A Baby For Uni Foam Party: Photo Revealed!