Kanye West 'Denies Calling Upcoming Album I Am God': 'We Would Never Be So Presumptuous'


Kanye West was rumoured to be naming his next album 'I Am God' earlier this week, but although the rapper's confident ways mean that this could be possible, his 'people' have now denied the rumours, saying that Kanye would "never call himself the supreme being."

The Stronger singer's entourage have released a statement to blast the rumours, claiming that instead of the rumours surrounding Kanye's upcomingn album, they've come from one of his upcoming singles, titled 'I Am A God'.

According to the Huffington Post, the statement read: “We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call ourselves the supreme being.”

Malik Yusef, Kanye’s songwriter, told fans on Twitter that the new tune is also a reference to Psalm 82: “I said, ‘You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High. But you shall die like men, And fall like one of the princes."

So, maybe Kanye's ego isn't that big after all...

Kanye West 'Denies Calling Upcoming Album I Am God': 'We Would Never Be So Presumptuous'Kanye West 'Denies Calling Upcoming Album I Am God': 'We Would Never Be So Presumptuous'

Kanye West's 'people' have 'denied' that his upcoming album will be called I Am God (Photo: WENN)

Meanwhile, despite Kim and Kanye seeming to only have eyes for each other, the rapper's other half is reportedly worried that her "weight gain" will make him cheat on her.

Alleging that Kanye's recent busy schedule isn't a coincidence with her pregnancy, a source claimed to the National Enquirer, saying: "Kim and Kanye’s relationship used to be all about soft music, can­delight dinners and romantic nights together."

“But now that Kim has put on such a large amount of weight, Kanye seems to be busier with his music schedule than ever, and Kim doesn’t think it’s a coincidence.”

The source added: "She’s concerned about Kanye cheating, and his disinterested and distracted attitude isn’t helping."

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