Justin Timberlake Gets Let Off A Speeding Ticket...Because Of Onion Rings!


Perhaps Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes should have taken a leaf out of Justin Timberlake's book when it comes to driving offences.

The singer and actor recently revealed to Jay Leno that he was pulled over for speeding, and there was an unlikely culprit - onion rings.

Justin said "I've gotten a couple of tickets. I had a funny story though in Florida - a state trooper pulled me over in the middle of the day and I had just come from Burger King. One of my favourite things about Burger King is you get onion rings there, so I had just chowed down on a bevvy of onion rings.

"Apparently onion rings get me excited and I wanna drive faster. I was probably driving way too fast and he pulled me over, and so he thought I was drunk driving."

Whatever the reasons, you'd think speeding would be an open and shut case - and that naughty Justin would get a telling off. But the 'Sexy Back' singer got off scott free.

"My DUI test...he wanted me to breathe in his face and I was like, 'Sir, I know this sounds crazy but you really don't want me to do that.' He insisted, and so he got a face full of onion ring stank, and ironically I did not get a ticket."

As much as we love Justin, we're not sure we would have been so lenient - in fact, we might have given him an extra ticket for being disgusting. Although it makes us wonder if he's keeping anything revolting in the glove compartment, just in case. Stinky cheese, JT? Pickled eggs?

Justin stars with Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams in 'Trouble With The Curve', a film about an ageing baseball scout whose talented daughter reignites his interest in his career.

Is Justin investing in a sports team of his own? Find out here:

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