Justin Bieber shocks fans by being carried up the Great Wall of China

Just when you thought Justin Bieber's ego couldn't get any more out of control, he gets snapped being carried up the Great Wall of China by his bodyguards.

The pop star is currently on the promo trail in Asia, and he headed to the famous landmark in China to immerse himself in the country's history and culture.

But rather than actually walk along the breathtaking site, Justin ordered his lackeys to lift him up and carry him on their shoulders.

We can just imagine what they felt like telling him to do.

Fellow tourists couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted the Baby hitmaker lording it up like an Egyptian pharoah, and quickly snapped the star's antics on their phones.

The lazy lift came on Monday, a day after he hit the streets of Beijing on his skateboard. But when you're famous, where you go, your security follow - and tweeters shared pics of Justin's bodyguards running alongside him as he skated along the pavement.

One wrote, “I feel for Justin’s bodyguards. Justin’s bodyguards must be very highly paid.”

The latest diva antics come after a bad 2013 for Justin, who has been in fights with photographers, involved in club scuffles, has been late for several concerts and was even caught on camera peeing into a mop bucket in the kitchen of a New York restaurant.

Who says being famous at a young age can go to your head?