Johansson suspected friends leaked naked photos

Johansson suspected friends leaked naked photos

Scarlett Johansson was relieved to learn a hacker was behind her nude photo leak because she previously feared someone from her inner circle had betrayed her when the pictures surfaced online.

The Lost In Translation star became "incredibly paranoid" amid suspicions a close friend had stolen the private pictures - intended for her then-husband Ryan Reynolds - when the snaps hit the internet last September.

She tells Stylist magazine, "It was really terrible; I felt absolutely violated. I wasn't really aware of how vulnerable all of us are, but I think everybody is just discovering that now, especially with the recent phone-hacking scandals. It isn't just celebrities, it's all kinds of people who are not asking for the spotlight.

"Being hacked made me feel more vulnerable than I ever had previously. I couldn't figure it out. For a while, I thought it must be someone that I knew who was posting these pictures of me and that was making me incredibly paranoid. I was looking around at all of my friends, who I have known for 20 years, wondering who the backstabber was."

The actress admits her fears were eased when Florida man Christopher Chaney was arrested in connection with the scandal.

She adds, "To find out it wasn't a friend who hacked in was a relief, oddly."

Chaney has been charged with 25 counts of identity theft amid accusations he hacked into a number of private email accounts, including Johansson's.

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