Jeremy Irvine: In 'Great Expectations' Pip Is A 'Little S**t'


Think of the Bourne movies and the things you'll probably compare them to are James Bond or other thrillers, but 'Great Expectations' star Jeremy Irvine thinks that Mike Newell's take on Charles Dickens novel has something in common with Paul Greengrass's conspiracy action films.

Traditionally Dickens' character Pip has been portrayed as more of a victim, albeit one who's led astray by others, however Irvine sees the young man he plays in more objectionable terms, describing him as, "a proper little s**t", in an interview with The Telegraph.

The actor added, "the first 45 minutes are like Dickens meets Bourne", hinting that the movie might have appeal to audiences outside those who want to see a good old period drama and luxuriate in Helena Bonham Carter's performance as Miss Havisham.

But Irvine, despite cutting his acting teeth on Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse', still thinks what he does for a living is utterly ridiculous, laying into Awards ceremonies too.

The 'Now Is Good' actor is starring a new war based drama, 'The Railway Man', with Colin Firth, who plays Eric Lomax, a POW held in the infamous camps of Burma, and on meeting the man himself Irvine said that it makes him feel that acting might not be the most noble profession.

Irvine said of meeting Lomax: "The thing that struck me most is that in this industry we have all these silly award ceremonies to celebrate what we call extraordinary achievements. We talk about someone who is playing make-believe for a living, having done something worthy of all the hype and pomp that gets put around."

"And then you meet someone like Eric who is genuinely extraordinary. He and his wife have been through something that most of us couldn't even begin to imagine."

Well even if acting lacks the sacrifice that many made for their country during the wars, we're sure that if 'Great Expectations' is actually Jason Bourne meets Charles Dickens as Irvine says, then it may pick up a few of those awards anyway.


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