Jennifer Aniston's Mother Suffers Second Stroke In 15 Months

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While rumours of a Jennifer Aniston baby continue to do the rounds in the tabloids, the Friends actress has been busy focusing her attentions elsewhere - on the health of her mother, Nancy Dow, who has been hospitalised for a second time in 15 months...

Nancy Dow, who has a famously rocky relationship with her famous daughter, has been hospitalised for a second time in 15 months after suffering another stroke.

A source broke the news to Celebuzz, explaining that, while this is a less serious health incident than the one suffered last year, it has still been a cause of fear for Jennifer Aniston and the rest of her family:

“Last week on Wednesday or Thursday, her mom had another stroke. This was her second one in a year.”

“She went to the hospital, but she’s already back home. But she’s having trouble talking and is still shuffling around.”

“It could get worse, and the family fears it may not be long until a bigger stroke comes along."

As previously reported, Nancy Dow has been forced to submit to 24 hour care following her previous stroke, which saw her physical movements so limited that she could no reportedly no longer look after herself.

Thankfully, despite her friction with her daughter, Jennifer Aniston is still paying her mother's medical bills:

“Jennifer is paying her medical bills... So she’s involved to an extent in her mom’s life and well-being, and they’re getting friendlier than years ago.”

Fingers crossed that Nancy Dow is well enough to attend Jennifer Aniston's wedding to Justin Theroux.

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