Jennifer Aniston Has 'Secret Spat' With Justin Theroux's Best Friend's Wife?


Jennifer Aniston and fiance Justin Theroux may be getting ready to walk down the aisle, but according to new reports, all isn't totally well in the romance because Jen 'can't stand to be around the wife of Justin's best friend'. Awkward!

An insider told Now magazine: "It's awkward but Jen isn't comfortable around Christine."

Adding, "She can't bring herself to tell Justin because she knows it'll hurt him."

However, wife-to-be Jen has apparently been more direct about asking Justin to cut off communication with Heidi Bivens, who he previously dated for 14 years.

"She thinks it's only fair, but she doesn't want to push it," the source adds.

Jennifer Aniston Has 'Secret Spat' With Justin Theroux's Best Friend's Wife?Jennifer Aniston Has 'Secret Spat' With Justin Theroux's Best Friend's Wife?

Jen & Justin are all set to walk down the aisle (Photo: WENN)

And it seems like the Friends star isn't the bad guy in this relationship, with other reports stating that Justin has also been hit by the green eyed monster and has asked her to 'cut off all communication with Brad Pitt', following the celeb couple's former marriage.

Dad of six Brad, who calls Jen 'a dear friend', was even one of the first to text her congratulations when she announced her engagement to Justin Theroux, 41. However, Justin is apparently 'uncomfortable' with how close the Hollywood couple are.

According to the magazine, "Jen feels she owes Justin if she's going to encourage him to have a baby, so she agreed," says a source.

Adding, "She contacted Brad while he was filming in Europe and told him they had to stop calling."

Jen's friends are glad that the pair have moved on since their romance drama, but it's understandable that Justin has a bit of a problem with the whole friendship. But, Jen will be 'sad' to lose Brad from her life.

"Brad's advice and friendship mean a lot to her," says the source.

They continued, "But she deeply loves Justin and really wants to make him happy - especially as she knows she's asking a lot of him."

What do we think readers? Should Jen and Justin forgive and forget?

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