I'm A Celebrity's Linda Robson Admits She 'Nearly Cracked Like Brian Conley'


Axed I'm A Celebrity star Linda Robson has opened up about life in the camp after being booted off the show this week and has said that she was 'close to cracking' just like Brian Conley, who had to leave the show after he stopped taking his anti-depressants.

The Birds Of A Feather actress, 54, said life in the camp made contestants “paranoid about everything”.

She told The Sun: “Everything in there is enough to make you cry and send you over the edge."

Adding, “If I’d have stayed any longer there would have been another meltdown. The jungle messes with your head.”

Linda also spoke out about Brian Conley's departure from the show, saying both her and the rest of the campmates had no idea how serious his 'breakdown' was.

She said: “He never came back. After an hour we began to wonder.”

Eventually they were told that he had left for medical reasons...

Linda said: “I think he was worn out. He wasn’t sleeping very well.”

She added: “We all get called into the Bush Telegraph to pick up our medication every day but we don’t talk about it.”

Brian has since spoken out about why exactly he stopped taking the pills and confessed that he was told that he'd have to continue taking them to take part in the show.

The 51-year-old, who decided to stop taking his medication despite agreeing to continue taking them whilst his stay in the jungle, added that he also suffered from exhaustion and malnutrition: "Now this is under extreme circumstances and I started to feel really bad because in the end, very shortly after that I had to leave and I had an examination and they found out I had malnutrition and I was suffering from exhaustion. That’s what the doctors said."

Revealing that he couldn't lie to the show's bosses, Brian said: "It was bad, I felt bad because it was out of my control. It was their decision I couldn’t lie to them I'm an honest guy. I couldn’t go ‘yes I’ve taken my tablets course I have’ because they never examine you taking it. I could have then just gone in the dunny and just dropped it down it."

Be sure to tune in tonight to see who out of Eric and Colin will survive for another night in camp.

Have you been watching I'm A Celebrity? Who do you think will be crowned the 2012 winner?

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