I'm A Celebrity: Helen Flanagan Will Not Do The Next Bush Tucker Trial


Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor will face tomorrow’s bush tucker trial, in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, as it seems the public have given Helen Flanagan a break - after 6 continuous trials.

Ant and Dec went into the camp at the end of tonight’s episode to deliver the news and told Helen “it’s not you.”

She screamed with delight and the rest of the camp cheered. Hugo was then told it might be him along with boxer David Haye, before Ant and Dec told Hugo it was his turn to win meals for camps, in a challenge titled 'Savage Sewer'. Is Hugo going to be the new Helen, now Helen seems to have conquered her fears.

In other news the on-going Bush Buddies challenge continued. This challenge has seen the celebrities paired up and attached to each other with handcuffs. If one camp-mate disappears for whatever reason (toilet, task etc.) then they have to attach themselves to a cardboard cut-out of their other half. Definitely one way to get to know each other!

The pair who is at the top of the leader board after a series of challenges will win immunity from the first eviction.

Tonight the constant imprisonment came to an end as the camp-mates were told they no longer had to be attached to each other all the time. However during Bush Buddies challenges they did have to re-join with their partners. And, of course, a challenge appeared.

Those who didn’t participate in the puzzle challenge last night had to take part today – apart from David whose partner Brian Conley, had been taken ill at the time of the challenge and has since left the camp.

So off Nadine, David, Hugo, Helen, Rosemary and Linda went, leaving their other halves attached to their cardboard versions. The challenge saw the contestants sit in boxes and have to move ten coins from one side of the box to the other, using magnets. Sounds easy right? Of course there were jungle critters in the box joining them… Not so easy. Oh and every time someone completed the task, those still going would receive an electric shock.

The winner would get to spend a night in the jungle den with their partner. This task gave us a little insight into David Haye’s competitive streak as he tried to play a practical joke on the other campers taking part.

He told them that the trial would involve stinging hornet cockroaches, pretending he had previous knowledge from the trial the day before. It seemed to work as, as soon as jungle critters were released, Nadine shouted “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

David won the task and the proceeded to help the others to finish, by giving them verbal tips.

Whilst they were away the remaining camp-mates had a good look at the cardboard cutouts left behind. Colin decided that Hugo’s image look “patronizing” whilst Eric agreed saying “he’s a spoilt brat.” Limahl stuck up for Hugo though and said he looked “humble” in his photo and told the other two that Hugo couldn’t be blamed for his upbringing.

Tonight’s installment also saw campmates reap the rewards of Helen’s live trial – or so they thought. When the package descended for dinner, the jungle team discovered that they were being rewarded with crocodile legs – and it’s safe to say that no-one was impressed.

Even chef Rosemary admitted she had “never in her life” prepared crocodile legs. However she gave it a go and Hugo tried to help, however the culinary pair quickly came to blows, leaving Hugo in tears and Rosemary branding him “rude.” Hugo tried to hide his tears, blaming them on the smoke and him and Rosemary were seen patching things up later in the show.

So tomorrow we will see Hugo take on his second bush tucker challenge – will he do better than Helen? 

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