I'm A Celebrity: Helen Flanagan Booted Out Of Camp

26 November 2012

The public has finally stopped voting for Helen Flanagan, meaning she had to leave the I’m A Celebrity camp tonight.

Helen said she was “kind of in shock” because she had only just woken up. She also said she felt emotional because she had got so close to all the campmates and would miss them.

But of course, what we all wanted to know about was the many, many trials! Ant and Dec told her she had a new I’m A Celebrity record with five trials in a row yet no meals for camp. She described the trials as “doom” and was “humiliated” at the impression it probably gave off on the TV. She also slammed ideas that her trial turn around (Helen won 12 stars in one of her trials) was part of a game-plan: “absolutely not.”

She finished the interview saying she wanted boxer David Haye to win.

However before she left Helen completed another Dingo Dollar challenge, with campmate and Pussycat Doll, Ashley Roberts, which saw them dress up as gnomes.

They had to sit on toadstools in the middle of a sludgy, smelly pond and fish for plastic fish, to fill the box hanging above the pond. Once the box was full the dingo dollars would be theirs. Helen and Ashley gave it their all.

Helen even got off her toadstool to grab extra fish but then realised it was quite hard to get back on again. She slid and splashed but never properly made it back up. However the glamorous pair succeeded in filling the box but didn’t receive the dingo dollars in the way they expected.

The bag of prize money dropped into the water, which Helen described as “so, so gross.” This meant the girls had to delve around and find the money. Eventually they did find the bag and headed to kiosk Keith, who rang the camp to ask about toilet rolls! The camp correctly answered the question and won salt and pepper.

However it wasn’t all celebratory and joyous in camp as Hugo and Rosemary locked horns before dinner. Hugo questioned whether leaves on the fire smelt because campmates poured washing water on them. He said that the leaves probably smelt like burning B-O.

But Rosemary clearly disagreed and shot his theory down immediately. Hugo asked if she knew this for a fact and Rosemary said she would “state [her] life” that she knew it. The war of words continued whilst the other campmates looked on, shocked at what was erupting in front of them.

Hugo told Rosemary that she never let anyone else have an opinion whilst Rosemary said Hugo had no respect. Hugo retorted saying Rosemary needs to stop treating him like a child.

The pair eventually called a truce and hugged it out. However Eric wasn’t so sure that the argument was over, saying Rosemary always talks down to people and then just gives them “a hug” to solve it. Helen told Hugo he “handled it well.”

Will Helen’s departure change anything in camp? Who will the camp make fun of now?

Even Ant and Dec have had a go at a Bush Tucker Trial!

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