I'm A Celeb: David Haye Flies The Scare Plane In Bushtucker Trial

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Tonight's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! saw boxer David Haye take to the skies in the 'Scare Plane' Bushtucker trial, and turbulence was definitely on the horizon.

Now that the public have begun voting for who they want to keep in the jungle, the celebrities get to choose who will take on the Bushtucker trial to win meals for camp. Tonight, the contestants had a bit of a struggle making that decision, though, with Charlie, Hugo, David and Ashley all volunteering.

Eventually, David headed off to the 'Scare Plane', leaving Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks upset that it was implied that men were better than women so she shouldn't do the trial.

Presenters Ant and Dec greeted David at the trial area, and explained the rules of 'Scare Plane', which involved finding nine stars in two small planes hanging high above the jungle floor.

When sitting in the first plane, heavyweight champion had to unscrew the lids of each pipe, causing bugs, creepy crawlies and other small creatures including scorpions to fall out and join him in the tiny cockpit.

With just ten minutes to complete the trial, David sped through and grabbed the stars as quickly as he could without batting an eyelid about the critters. He then had to climb onto each wing of the plane and balance as he reached into a hole to get another star. The 32-year-old boxer didn't seem phased by the heights, and said “I'm not looking down.”

He wasn't so keen on the green ants however, which were biting him as he unscrewed the star from one of the wings. “Green ants are not my friends,” he said while they crawled up his arms.

After shakily boarding the second plane while in mid-air, David again had to open the pipes and climb onto the wings to get the rest of the stars, but this plane was much less secure and there were moments we were sure he was about to fall off. If he had, he wouldn't get a second chance to get the remaining stars.

But, of course, David fought against the toppling aircraft and managed to find all of the stars in the plane.

The final star was a bit trickier, hanging a little way away from the plane, forcing David to make a leap of faith to grab it and hope his safety equipment was secure enough to save him. Without hesitating, David jumped and caught the star. This meant he'd be taking back all nine stars to his hungry campmates.

“That was fun,” he told Ant and Dec when he landed back on solid ground. We were pretty impressed by David's bravery in the Bushtucker trial tonight. Did you ever doubt him? Who do you think should win?

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