Harry Styles' Mum Sells His Mini, And Throws In A Date Too!


Harry Styles' mum Anne Cox has come up with an inventive way to sell the Mini her One Direction stud of a son bought for her last year, throwing in a meet and greet with the herself.

Anne has listed the car on Ebay for £6000 according to The Sun, under the description of “Owned by Harry Styles’ mum.” The mum also threw in a chance to meet the 43 year-old, who is known to be close to his mother.

The description read: “Harry Styles of One Direction bought this stunning car for his Mum Anne as a Mother’s Day present in 2011.

“The lucky winner can have the car handed over by Anne who will be delighted to meet the new owner.

“The car is located at my garage and NOT at Anne’s house, so please do not come here expecting to see Anne, that privilege will be reserved for the lucky winning bidder.

“Don’t miss out on this unique car and photo opportunity!!!!”

But sorry any 1D fans who were hoping it was the perfect way to become closer to the 'Live While We're Young' singer, as the car has already been sold.

The star is known to be pretty close to mum Anne and claims she's taught him how to be a perfect gent.

He told Bang Showbiz: "My mum tells me I'm a romantic because if she has a bad day at work, I run a bath for her when she gets home and cook dinner."

While Anne might be his mum, she's still as curious over Harry's romantic life as we are, though with the long list of ladies linked to the 'What Makes You Beautiful' singer, she's now reportedly stopped asking him.

He added: "She's stopped asking me now. There have been so many cases where she's asked me and I've told her things just aren't true. So she just doesn't ask me any more."

We wonder what he thinks of her selling his present?

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