Happy 30th birthday Nicki Minaj! 5 things you may not know...

Nicki Minaj is constantly in the public eye but have you missed any of her exclusives?

Move over Béyonce, the music industry has got a new queen bee. Enter Nicki Minaj, the 'wonder woman' of hip-hop who appeared in seven songs on the Billboard's top 100 before her first album in 2010. Amazing, right? But, when most people think of Nicki, they see big boobs, big hair and a big yet always controversial personality. You all need to be tumble dried. Go on, I dare you to look it up. All the Barbz know that there is more to her than her style and her mannerisms.

As she turns 30 this year, it is up to fans like me to set the record straight. No more haters please. If you look past the 'black Barbie' image and her lyrics, you will see that she is a great role model for women everywhere.

She grew up with her abusive drug-addicted father but rose above this and became a success because she wanted to be strong for her mother. Nicki became a huge mainstream hit as she developed three personas very early on in life through Nicki the Ninja, Nicki the Harajuku Barbie and Nicki the Boss. She is confident enough to wear what she wants and to say what she wants without letting anyone dominate her. Finally, she made rap her own, which is success that is often only given to male rappers. Female empowerment has never been better.

But do you really know all about her? Here are top 5 things you are dying to know. Like what does she really think about the other American Idol judges? Why has she got Perez Hilton so excited?

Being asked to duet with Justin Beiber was surprising

When I watched 'Beauty and the Beat', I thought Nicki looked like she was right at home as she grinded with Justin. But, she revealed that she was surprised when she was asked to duet with him at the AMA's. It was such a surprise that some of the routine was not rehearsed and happened in the spur of the moment. Mainly she just 'wanted to see that little body grind'. LOL... the woman's got jokes as usual and shows that she is #funny and #modest after all this time.

She loves her 'Keithy'

Unfortunately, everyone has been focused on the bad press that she got with Mariah Carey on American Idol. But we forgot that she actually gets on very well with other judge Keith Urban who she has gushed over several times. When being interviewed on the Project, a TV show in Australia, Nicki described Keith as 'an absolute dream come through'. But when asked to dish the dirt on Australia's 'golden boy' she said that he is mean off -camera. Apparently they joke about the contestants when no one is looking. Ooohh Nicki, you BustitBarbie.

Her wigs made her move house!

No surprise that was revealed here in the UK where she describes her fans as 'passionate and crazy'. On the Alan Carr show, she talked about her new reality TV show on the E! Channel as she has to be more than a Barbie as in the US, it is important that people take her seriously. Alan then asks her about her wigs which seem to have a life of their own. Nicki Minaj says that before she moved to LA, the wigs had their own room in her house. But soon she couldn't take it anymore and so she had to move house!

You'll never guess what her least favourite video to shot was...

On the 106 and Park show, Nicki sports a colourful bra with pink jeans while reminiscing about her the video that was not fun to shoot. Of course, it was never going to be Pound the Alarm as it was shot in Trinadad and Tobago, her home town where it was warm and it had all the beautiful carnival dancers. It was Freedom her latest single that she hated shooting because it was cold and hailing in the UK at that time when it was filmed. But she loves the way the new video was shot as she loves its timeless concept.

Her perfume 'Pink Friday' came about so she could be closer to her fans but her next product will shock people

As well as it being every girl's dream, Nicki wanted her Barbz to feel closer to her. What a better way to encourage closeness than smelling like your idol? This was revealed on the Perez Hilton show where Nicki said that both men and women (which is a first!) can get away with the scent as it is a very 'sultry yet playful' scent. After the perfume, she plans to launch her own clothing line which she believes will shock as she is launching it with a person who her fans will not expect! Don't know about you but I cannot wait!

Hope you're now dying to know more about this 'crazy psychopath with good intentions'; her words not mine to describe herself when on Perez Hilton's show! I'm sure she'll pop up on your radar soon...