Happy 28th birthday Trey Songz

Plus 5 interesting Trey facts you may not know

Ladies, it's that time of the year again. US superstar Trey Songz, aka Tremaine Aldon Neverson, turns 28 today and we at Yahoo want to wish him all the best.

Trigga's had a great year with the release of his fifth studio album 'Chapter V', which went straight to number #1 on the US Billboard 200, selling an impressive 135,000 copies in one week. 'Chapter V' has also spanned a number of hit singles including 'Heart Attack' and chart topper 'Simply Amazing', which became his first top ten hit in the UK.

On top of his musical success, Trey's been busy filming scenes for his first major movie role, 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 3D', which is due for release on 4th January 2013.

The Virginia native is also coming back to the UK shores for his Chapter V Tour in January (cue the screams). He'll be hitting the likes of Birmingham, Manchester and London with his charming swagger. We can't wait!

In celebration of Mr Neverson's birthday, here's a list of 5 interesting facts you may not know:

What you would find in Trey's dressing room

If you're a "Trey's Angel" (what Trey calls his dedicated fans) you'll know how much your boy loves Skittles. You can find bags of them lying around his dressing room, along with a few packets of Starburst. Trey is also said to be a big fan of candles and has lots of digital photo albums of his friends and family, because he says they remind him of home. How sweet is that?

Trey knows the President of the United States

Trey's a big supporter of Barack Obama and was one of the main celebrity figures campaigning for his votes in the recent 2012 election. So it's no wonder they're on first name terms . The birthday boy first met the president in 2010 and has made his support public since the very beginning. Along with being friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce amongst other superstars, what else can be better than having one-on-one conversations with America's most powerful man?

His effect on women

We all know the majority of Trey's fanbase are female - and who can blame them? From following him around the country to having tugging wars over his ripped shirts (he threw his vest into the crowd at BBC Hackney Weekend and caused an uproar - at least 30 girls starting fighting over the vest) the handsome hearthrob has quite an effect on women. He once caused a fan to go into labour, just by touching her stomach. Now that's definitely a story to tell the children!

The most expensive gift he's ever bought

Trigga bought his mum, April Tucker, a brand new house and a couple of cars, because he thought she deserved it. Such a beautiful gesture. Is there anything this man can't do?

Why he calls himself Trey Songz

When Trey first started out in the music business, under the alias "Prince of Virginia" in recognition of where he grew up, producers used to name his demo tapes "Trey Songs" so that they wouldn't get him mixed up with anybody else. As time went on, the name stuck and so Trey Songz became his stage name.

Happy Birthday Trey!