Girls HBO episode 8 review: Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too

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Can Marnie and Jessa put their differences aside and become best friends? Can Adam get any weirder? Can 'Girls' get any funnier? Much to our viewing pleasure, the answer to all of these is a big fat yes!

After Shoshanna's limelight-stealing 'craccident' last week, she takes a break for an episode to let the other girls enjoy their share of screen time with some utterly odd men in the eighth episode of the series titled Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too.

If you're behind on the gossip, Hannah and Adam are now offish (hooray!). They're cute to the point of nausea and, as often is the case in real life, she's ditched her friends for him. Our feelings towards Adam in this episode sway from swooning (a topless, sweaty Adam would make us suggest jogging every day even if we do share Hannah's distinct lack of grace), to wanting to pinch his cute little cheeks (is it wrong to love a man in a onesie?) and finally to utter disgust (we can't even bring ourselves to even mention what he does to Hannah in the shower!) Ultimately though, they're an adorable pair and last night's show serves to prove that while Adam gives Hannah a much needed confidence boost, she steers him in the right direction with his acting career. We feel all fuzzy inside.

Meanwhile, Marnie is doing the inevitable Facebook stalk of ex-boyfriend Charlie and his new girlfriend's trip to Milan and recently unemployed Jessa has been stood up yet again by Hannah. What ensues is a heart-to-heart by the two least similar friends in the group and Marnie admits to hating being "the uptight one" and they decide a night out is in order. Excited by being single, tipsy and chatted up by a handsome stranger (played by 'Bridesmaids' cutie Chris O'Dowd) Marnie convinces Jessa to go back to his place much to her new bestie's annoyance. Jessa couldn't be less interested in the guy but, determined to shed her neurotic image, Marnie convinces her to stay by planting one on her (yep, we didn't see it coming either!). The sexy kiss only frustrates their host more as they won't let him join in. Then when red wine gets spilled on his $10,000 rug, the party is over as he flips out in a lol-a-minute speech about wanting to "be part of the group".

Are Marnie and Jessa actually lovers? Probably not. Will Hannah and Adam really make it work? We hope so. Can we wait a whole week until the next episode? No way.