Geordie Shore's Charlotte Ends Up In Bed With Gary


The Geordie Shore housemates have cooled off after their angry spat in last week’s episode, but are missing Ricci and Sophie, leading to Charlotte seeking comfort in the arms of her on-off again love interest, Gary Beadle.

The downtrodden atmosphere receives a pick me up once the disgraced housemates are allowed back into the house, but Charlotte admits feeling on edge, saying: “Ricci’s back and it’s awkward, things still have been sorted since the fight at the engagement party.”

Despite insisting that her days of duvet canoodling with Gary were well and truly over now she has a boyfriend, Charlotte stumbles back into her old ways on tonight’s episode.

Gary seemed surprised by Charlotte’s pushy move, saying: “I’m in bed, I’m just dosing off, I’ve had a big night…and I just see this head pop round the corner, hair all over the place, make up all over the place, she looked like the f***ing grudge or something!”

Even Charlotte was stumped by her decision to jump into bed with her ex-fling commenting: “Why am I getting into Gary’s bed? Is it because it’s just so familiar or is it just because I’m a slag?”

But she hints at the tryst being more, saying: “Going to Gary’s room to pretend for a second Gary’s my boyfriend.”

Gary sees sense and for the first time manages to think with his head, moving beds and claiming: “I wouldn’t want to spoil her relationship.”

Charlotte’s best friend in the house, Sophie Kassaei pointed out: “I can’t believe Charlotte has crawled into Gary’s bed when she still has a boyfriend, this is bad.”

While outspoken frenemy Vicky added: “I don’t know why she wants to crawl into bed with that c*ck. I thought that was done and dusted. Shop closed, obviously not.”

The group go on their next road trip, this time heading to Liverpool where James finally reveals he has a girlfriend leaving Holly miserable, whining: “Right now I’m completely drained.”

It seems the house are far from a happy family with animosity growing between the gang, as voice of reason, Gaz stated: “I don’t want it to get into little groups everywhere. I want everyone to be one happy family and get on.”

But will the housemates be able to bury the hatchet or will they continue to feud and wake up in the wrong bed?

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