Geordie Shore's Charlotte Comes Clean About Bed Hopping


It’s the morning after the night before and reality hits the Geordie Shore house, as it’s time for Charlotte to finally come clean about waking up in her former lovers bed in last week’s episode.

Charlotte decides to meet with her boyfriend Scott face to face to come clean about her late night escapades, saying: “I can’t tell him over the phone, I just couldn’t do that to someone.”

But the situation is made worse by Scott’s unadulterated hatred of Gary after hearing all about the pair’s shamble of a romantic history.

With their relationship already on the rocks after Ricci and Vicky’s engagement party, Charlotte was worried about what her boyfriend would do, saying: “I don’t know how I’m gonna bring up the fact I got into Gary’s bed. I’m so scared, I just don’t know how he’s gonna react.”

The couple meet in a restaurant to discuss the news and struggling to keep her emotions in check, Charlotte explained: “I did something bad. Ya know it’s not as bad as what you think,” before admitting the true extent of her slip.

A besotted Scott was clearly gutted by the revelation, responding with: “Why would you do that to us like? After everything I’ve done.”

Scott calls its quits and walks out the restaurant leaving Charlotte understandably devastated and best friend Sophie talks sense, saying: “No matter what boy she gets with, it always ends in tears and it’s all because Gary’s in the way.”

Meanwhile Holly’s changed and managed to keep her knickers on throughout a whole date, talking about her new romance, she said: “I do want James to know that I had a really good time on the date…and I can actually do these ladylike things like that and that actually I am over him.”

Relationships are fraught in the house with Sophie and Vicky still not talking, despite being called into work together.

A grumpy Vicky expressed her feelings about fellow housemate, Sophie, saying: “I already feel sick and hungover and the last thing I need is to be near to her head.”

However, the next day, Sophie decides to bite the bullet and sincerely apologise to Vicky, which leaves Vicky happy and saying: “It feels like a weights been lifted off my shoulders.”

But Gary speculates, saying: “Sophie and Vicky have made up, they’ve got their arms around each other like nothing ever happened, but how long will it last?”

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