Geordie Shore Charlotte: 'Irish Jig Is Like The Sl*t Drop'


Geordie Shore star Charlotte Letitia Crosby will be seen in tonight's episode comparing the Irish jig to the 'sl*t drop'.

The party-ready Newcastle natives head off to Dublin in tonight's episode (December 11), where they celebrate James' birthday.

The group will be seen on a boat trip, visiting a lephrechaun museum and having a go at the Irish jig.

Geordie Shore Charlotte: 'Irish Jig Is Like The Sl*t Drop'Geordie Shore Charlotte: 'Irish Jig Is Like The Sl*t Drop'

Charlotte on Geordie Shore (Photo: MTV)

"I’ve heard of the Irish jig, and I think it’s the Irish version of the slut drop," Charlotte quips.

After an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, she later moans:  "We’re all getting carried away and swinging each other around, and my top bursts opens and my t*t’s just dangling out!

"God, man, it’s always me! I’m such a victim."

Another golden quote will come from Holly Hagan, who exclaims: "The sun’s shining, it’s like being in a foreign country!"

Geordie Shore airs on MTV.

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