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EXCLUSIVE Young Apprentice review: Harry Maxwell says Lord Alan Sugar right as Navdeep Bual fired, Patrick McDowell in trouble, Steven Cole praised

Harry Maxwell
6 December 2012

Former BBC1 Young Apprentice star @HarryMaxwell gives his verdict and top omg! moments on the new series, exclusively to Yahoo omg! UK.


On a task to create a hair gel and TV advert, losing project manager, Andrew Tindall, devised a hair gel for LADS called Chameleon.

He lost to Maria Doran's "Strexy" (for gals) - it means STRONG and SEXY, get it? Maria created an advert that will make Willow Smith cry with shame and won.

Andrew brought Steven Cole and Navdeep Bual into the final-three-battle-of-death that saw Navdeep receive the sixth non-pork chop.


1: Losing project manager Andrew Tindall didn't use "chama-chama-chama-chama-chameleeeeeeeeon" as backing music to the advert


2: Steven Cole asks a male model "Would you describe yourself as an indie?"

Such good form. Just wish he got a reply "Nah bruv, I'm too mainstream"

3: They are still nicknaming Navdeep Bual with "Nav"

Just ridiculous.

4: Nick Hewer said "titivate"

Even more ridiculous.

5: Lucy Beauvallet asks a male model to "Show her some swagger?"

Not quite as good as Steven's question but it will do.

6: Andrew Tindall says "The joke in the advert represents the product" in the pitch

No surprise his team lost tbh.

7: Maria Doran starts talking about "Girl Power"

*sighs loudly*

8: Lord Sugar talks about Jedward when referencing hair gel market

*imagines various possibilities*

9: Andrew Tindall says Navdeep Bual is "a one trip pony"

Flashback to Stuart Bagg's infamous "I'm not a one trip pony, I'm a field of ponies… *looks anxious as to what's to come*

10: Navdeep Bual gets fired and redefines "walk of shame"

Already forgotten about her.


Is that the first ever good treat on The Apprentice? I predict an earthquake.


Lord Sugar was right to fire Navdeep, people went on about how good her pitching was, but it wasn't that great in my opinion. You need a lot more than public speaking to start a business.

I don't think any of this year's bunch will be the next big thing. I keep trying to think of an amazing moment where someone sold 6 flowers for £150 or 4 CCTV birdhouses for £400, but can't.

Patrick McDowell and Andrew Tindall are in trouble next week. Patrick flails in the background while Andrew has nothing really about him.

I want Steven Cole to win, he is a top lad, but he needs to prove he has ideas and salesmanship in upcoming episodes.

Ashleigh Porter-Exley is my tip to win, in terms of a business instinct, she's on the (blarddy) money, but she needs to show more vision and ideas as to what she'd start with £25k.

Lucy Beauvallet is a close second tip to win, for being average at everything.

I still love Maria Doran for her tenacity, and have a bit of sympathy as they edit her into a tyrant, but, although she won this task, I don't think she'll win.

Maria is an incredibly confident girl, she reminded me a bit of me when she was the only candidate to pitch without notes, but, I just don't think her instincts are there.


For those who read my column every week, which I highly recommended, you will have heard my previous criticisms of the show.

You will have also heard my suggestions that Navdeep Bual and Andrew Tindall need to up their game.

Well, lo-and-behold they were both in trouble as Navdeep Bual, rightly in my opinion, received the sixth non-pork chop. (Please applaud my accurate prediction, thanks.)

I think we've all accepted there isn't any real spark in this year's candidates, but, I still think there's life in the UK series!

Superfans may remember candidates like Katie Hopkins, Kristina Grimes, Ben Clarke (and me.) To be honest, I can watch those clips back-to-back endlessly on YouTube.

It's almost like The Apprentice has suffered an X Factor style talent drain!

What did you think of the episode? Comment below and join the conversation on Twitter @HarryMaxwell. Also check out my Apprentice highlights on YouTube.

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