EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Young Apprentice Harry Maxwell dishes

Sean Spooner Fired, Former Young Apprentice Harry Maxwell Gives His Verdict on Episode 2!

As Sean Spooner became the second Young Apprentice to get the non-pork chop, it's @HarryMaxwell here to give you my top omg! moments and verdict on last night's Young Apprentice. Starting with my top omg! moments...

1: The episode was a massive snooze

As a huge Apprentice fan and someone who has heard a LOT OF JOKES (qualified), I thought the episode on the whole was terrible. I didn't laugh once in the task to create a cookbook and generally don't like silence (classic yolo).

The boardroom scenes were a bit better than last week though. In the words of 90s band D:Ream "Things Can Only Get Better"

2: Massive Twitter Fail

Team Platinum, led by Lucy Beauvallet, called their cook book targeted at students "#Where's Mummy" - WHAT IS THAT? You cannot put a space or apostrophe in a hashtag!? Absolutely raging.


The main drama of the episode was Lucy Beauvallet and Alice Smith going head to head (not in a game of chess). Lots of finger wagging and "what are YOU saying" later, I think Lucy came out on top. Really like Lucy Beauvallet, she's fiesty (and fit) and led team Platinum to victory.

4: I hav a probllem wif speling

After relentlessly slagging off the project manager, Alice Smith, had difficulty when it came to putting the cookbook together. Spellings such as "of" and "potato" proved too much of a challenge for the farm girl.

That said, probably wasn't the GREATEST delegation asking the girl who struggles with dyslexia to do the typing. This is Young Apprentice, not Fear Factor.

5: Karren Brady DIDN'T WANT THE BOOK, OK?

The losing team, Odyssey, led by Sean Spooner, followed Maria Donan's idea and targeted the young professional woman. Basically they were hoping they could flog a load of cookbooks to Karren Brady.

They couldn't. They lost. Sean Spooner was growled at for being a pushover (may or may not have been in reference to his height). Spooner then got fired in scenes that gave an entirely new meaning to "walk of shame."


Overall, Lucy Beauvallet is my current tip to win. She did a great job as project manager, none of the team supported her yet she won. The other candidates may want her out, but don't worry Lucy, I got yo' back.

None of the others are really standing out though. Navdeep Bual did an OK pitch but that was about it. Maria Donan is feisty, but she needs to make sure she backs up her tenacity with a good performance.

Patrick McDowell has a lot to prove, he did a terrible pitch and will need to stand out well next week. I don't think he will win, but get the impression Lord Sugar likes him.

I wasn't surprised Sean Spooner was fired, he was too small to be taken seriously. My tip to go next week is between Alice Smith, Ashleigh Porter-Day and Andrew Tindall. Just because I'm not really sure what their skill set is.

WELL THAT WAS ALL VERY SERIOUS WASN'T IT? If you like what you heard, be sure to check me out on Twitter (in a pervy or non-pervy way) @HarryMaxwell