First Eviction of Big Brother 2013: Sallie and Michael Both Leave!

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Tonight we went live to join Emma Willis in finding out who was the first housemate to be evicted from Big Brother: Secrets and Lies. Having received the most votes, Sallie was given the boot, but shortly after Michael's secret role was unveiled and he too walked out of Britain's famous house.

Catching up on yesterday's action, the show started off so peacefully, with Wolfy casually asking Gina what it was like living in the Savoy hotel. "I bet it's like £80 a night," she muses. "It's well expensive, innit?" Gina looked in shock, before revealing that the fancy hotel actually starts from £300 a night. "You are sh****ng me," Wolfy says. We're afraid she definitely isn't.

First Eviction of Big Brother 2013: Sallie and Michael Both Leave!First Eviction of Big Brother 2013: Sallie and Michael Both Leave!

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Moving on to yesterday's task, Sallie and Gina were tasked with correctly guessing which labels 'Michael' would apply to each housemate. Some were nice, such as "Sexiest Housemate" and "Most Intelligent Housemate"... to downright insulting, with "Least Attractive" and "Least Hygienic", both of which Michael awarded to Wolfy. Distraught, she charged into the toilets to have a cry, proclaiming the Irish postman to be a "wanker". However, if that wasn't bad enough, what the housemates didn't know is that Michael's actions were - again - decided by the public.

Going live to the house, Emma revealed the first housemate to be evicted this series was Sallie. In her exit interview, Sallie admitted that she was "gutted" to be first out, and that she wished she had stayed as she "wanted to cause a bit of trouble". Upon finding out that it was actually a vote to evict this series, instead of vote to save, she said "Oh it's no wonder I went then!" Summing up her experience in the house, she said "I don't regret one minute," and also, "Can I have something to eat now?"

But the show didn't end there, as Emma went back to the house to announce that it was actually a double eviction tonight. But of course, it was to be no ordinary eviction... as the housemates were instructed to watch the VT on the plasma screen, and Michael's true identity was revealed. The housemates erupted, with Dan jumping up and down on the sofa crying, "I knew it!" Shaking a few hands and hugging a few housemates, Michael bid farewell to the housemates and wished them all luck, before stepping out to the cheering public.

Grilled by Emma on his time in the house, he called the experience "really intense, but it was a nice challenge." He discussed the difficulty of crafting his 'Michael' character, saying that he couldn't just be nasty all the time. "He has to be liked so he can get in and find what people's strengths and weaknesses are." Sallie, still reeling from the revelation that he had in fact been an actor all long, continued to insult him, saying "You're such a fake, horrible person."

So there we have it, two housemates are no more. Emma reveals that we'll be going live to the house every Monday and Wednesday, so that means we can expect plenty more twists and turns this series.

Tune in to Channel 5 tomorrow night at 9:20 for the highlights of today's action.

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