Doherty was too drunk to be responsible for German raid

Troubled rocker Pete Doherty will not face prosecution over allegations he broke into a record store in Germany, after officials ruled he was too drunk to be responsible for his behaviour.

The former Libertines frontman was quizzed by cops in the Bavarian city of Regensburg in March after a guitar and CDs were stolen during a break-in at a local record shop.

The star, who was in the country to shoot a movie, admitted he was at the scene of the raid but said he was too drunk to remember what happened.

Reports suggested he could be jailed for up to five years for "careless intoxication", but now it has emerged the rocker is not facing prosecution or any prison time - officials in Germany have dropped the case because Doherty was too drunk to be held responsible.

A source tells WENN, "They declined to pursue the penalty order. There was a lack of criminal responsibility because he was so drunk."