Doctor Who Has The Potential To 'Outlive Us All'

25 August 2012

Doctor Who could "go on forever" according to show aficionado Steven Moffat.

As reported by the Press Association, Moffat told an enraptured audience at the Edinburgh International Television Festival that the new series is in line to become a "blockbuster". Tell us more!

Moffat, who is also the co-creator of the hit show 'Sherlock', explained that he believes the show's likeability to be timeless. Moffat has faith that our children's children will be watching Daleks and humanoids battle it out in years to come:

"I truly believe it is a show that could outlive everyone in this room. I truly believe that. The TV show is the mother ship of Doctor Who and it will go on forever."

The new series, which starts next month, will see the Timelord, played by Matt Smith, take on his old enemies the Daleks and feature brilliant guest appearances from stars including Steven Berkoff and Jemma Redgrave.

It will also mark the exit of his sidekicks Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, and her on-screen husband Rory played by Arthur Darvill.

The Gurdian pressed Moffat on the possibily of a 'Doctor Who' film, which would surely ensure world domination for the show. The showrunner replied:

"There's often been talk about a movie, I'm sure we should do one. What I keep saying is it can't ever be allowed to interfere with the television show, that's the mothership, that's the thing that will go on forever."

We hope it does!

We caught them filming the Christmas special this month... we can't wait!

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