One Direction Fans 'Scale Fire Escapes, Stalk Hotels And Offer $1 Million For Date With Boys'


One Direction are certainly the biggest heartthrobs on the planet right now, so it's not surprising the boys need guarding from love crazed fans, even while they sleep.

According to their former bouncer, Andy Davies, girls tried to break into the lads hotel rooms while on tour, forcing the security team to work round the clock to protect the 'Live While We're Young' stars.

“Quite often you’ll get the boys to bed and you have to stay on the landing for a couple of hours making sure girls aren’t coming up the stairwells, up the fire-escapes,” he said told the Mirror.

“Quite often they’ll check in to the hotel and start ringing each individual room to find out which room the boys are in.”

He added: “One of the craziest things I saw was a ­couple of girls in high heels and little black dresses, allegedly wanting to use the gym where the boys were training.”

While they're all pretty popular with the ladies, Andy, who worked with the boys for nine months claimed that Harry was the most popular, claiming there was just something about the curly haired cutie.

“He gets a lot of attention from girls. Harry is a charmer... a smooth ­operator,” Andy revealed.

It's not just the fans either, parents are going to extraordinary lengths to get a date for their daughters, he explained: “We were in a lift in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and this lady offered the boys $1million to meet her kids.

“Sometimes the parents can be worse than the actual fans. This lady didn’t understand why we couldn’t take her offer. Some of these very wealthy people will do anything for their daughters.”

That's one expensive date!

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