Diana Ross Furious At Daughter For Dating Akon's Brother

Diana Ross Furious At Daughter For Dating Akon's Brother

Diana Ross is reportedly furious at her 38-year-old daughter Tracee Ellis Ross for dating Akon’s little brother Bu Thiam, who have been seeing each other since the middle of the summer.

The daughter of the legend who starred in the hit series Girlfriends is dating Def Jam Recordings executive and brother of R&B superstar Akon, Bu Thiam – a confessed polygamist with three wives.

A source told the National Enquirer: “Diana is livid that Tracee is getting so serious with Bu.”

“Diana wants the best for all her children, and marrying into a family that practices polygamy was never in the cards for her kids.”

Akon's roots are in Senegal, which reportedly has the highest polygamy rate in Africa.

Akon himself has said: “I’m a polygamist. I will have as many wives as I can afford to have. All Africans believe in it. My dad has four wives.”

The source added: “Tracee has reassured her mom and the rest of the family that she and Bu aren’t mak­ing any wedding plans.”

The same article suggests Tracee believes, that if she did decide to marry 32-year-old Bu, he would forsake all his other wifes.

Is Bu a good choice for Diana's daughter?

Akon partying in Las vegas with P. Diddy, Christina Milian and Flo Rida...

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