Dermot O'Leary: 'Check Your Snobbery At The Door' When It Comes To James Arthur


Dermot O'Leary has pleaded with the general public about about being stuck up when it comes to embracing James Arthur.

The 39 year-old has asked the nation to: "check your snobbery at the door," when it comes to the 24 year old.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Dermot said: He was a great winner. I think he's a credible artist; I think we've got a chance with him to properly cultivate something."

He added: "He's a working class lad that's pulled himself up by his bootstraps, so you should give him a chance because he's got a lot of talent, and don't be snobby because he's come from a talent show."

Dermot,who is a massive music fan, even suggested the type of artists he would like to James work with.

"Obviously I don't have anything to do with how his career goes now," he said. "But if I was in charge of it, I'd get him collaborating with someone like Emeli Sandé or Labrinth or Tinie Tempah quite quickly."

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