David Tennant Swept Off His Feet By 'Nativity 2'

Daniel Deme/WENNDaniel Deme/WENN

David Tennant was swept off his feet by his new movie 'Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger', as co-star Mark Wooton picked him up and carried him off on the red carpet in London on Tuesday.

The movie, a sequel to 2009's 'Nativity', has Tennant in the two roles of twin brothers Donald and Roderick Peterson, choir masters from vompletely different schools who enter a national singing competition.

The star appeared a little nervous as he was manhandled by comedian Wooton, seeming more worried about being dropped than the success of a movie that's likely to be a Brit Christmas hit.

Co-stars Dionne Bromfield, Joanna Page, Jessica Hynes and Marc Wootton on the red carpet in London, with the film getting its release next week (November 23).

Page, made famous by her role in Gavin and Stacey expressed regret ofver missing her co-star's performance in his play 'One Man Two Guv'nors', telling The Telegraph: “I felt awful about it,” adding: “I was going to go and see it, but we never go out anymore.”

The comedy actress does have a decent excuse though as she is expecting her first child, much like her character in the movie, as she plays Tenant's character's pregnant wife.

PHOTOS: David Tennant swept off his feet by 'Nativity 2'

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