Daredevil To Join The Avengers?

15 August 2012

With all the focus on The Avengers, Batman and Spider-Man it's easy to forget those superheroes who have rather fallen by the wayside on the big screen, like Daredevil, the blind hero who featured in a 2003 film featuring Ben Affleck in the title role.

The reasons for his being rather a forgotten man when it comes to big blockbuster comic book releases are both the lack of success of the 2003 movie, and the rights to the character residing with Marvel Studios but Fox

In fact Affleck was so upset with the movie that it caused him to swear off super hero films.

However this particular spandex suited fighter for justice could get a new lease of life as he's set to return home to Marvel (the original owners of film rights to the character), and join the studio that made such a success of 'The Avengers'.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the rights are set to revert back to Marvel if a film is not in production by this week with those around the film not optimistic.

Joe Carnham, who was set to direct Fox's own reboot of the character said as much by tweeting: “Think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids.”

Although in the comic books Daredevil was one of the few heroes to reject an offer to join 'the Avengers', the character did join 'The New Avengers' group (a spin-off of the original 'Avengers' series). He also had a romance with one of the characters in the ultra successful movie, The Black Widow.

Marvel Studios is known to be wanting to expand its universe of characters after the success of 'The Avengers', with numerous projects featuring the film's characters and other heroes heading into production.

So, if the rights return to Marvel they've certainly shown they have the will, as well as the backing to reboot the character and incorporate him into their future plans.

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