Cheryl Cole Fans Call Lily Allen 'Ugly'

Lily Allen (ok, Cooper) and Cheryl Cole's relationship has had its ups and downs. The singers were at war back in 2007, but have since settled their differences - though you wouldn't know it if you saw Lily's twitter feed!

Superfans of Cheryl Cole can't seem to forgive and forget the nasty comments Lily made about their idol back in 2007, despite the fact Cheryl herself has made up with the 'Smile' singer:

"Sometimes it's annoying. The other day I was getting Tweets from Cheryl Cole fans saying: "Cheryl's hot and you're ugly."'

Chezza supporters still seem angry about a feud the pair had years ago, despite the fact that they've patched things up. "I said one thing, seven years ago," Lily told Fabulous. "I don't have a problem with her."

Lily and Cheryl previously fell out in 2007, when Cheryl labelled Lily 'a chick with a dick' and Lily responded with an 'open letter' to Cheryl, which called her a 'stupid bitch'. Lily quipped:

"Cheryl, if you're reading this, I may not be as pretty as you, but at least I write and sing my own songs without the aid of Auto-Tune. I must say, taking your clothes off, doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer must be very gratifying, your mother must be so proud, stupid bitch."

Cheryl then responded defending the comments that she had made, and saying that Lily's talk about her bandmates had been much worse.

"I have had enough of her and her big mouth," she said. "Over the last few months she has called [Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts] ugly, which I bit my tongue over. She called [other bandmate Sarah Harding] vile and my husband horrendous, but seems to have conveniently forgotten all of that."

But since then, the pair have made up, with Lily saying she 'felt sorry' for Cheryl during her problems with ex husband Ashley Cole. She admitted: "She's beautiful, that's why I hated her so much."

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