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Made In Chelsea: A Summer Inspired Party Delivered Trouble In Paradise For Spencer And Louise In The Series Finale Tonight

17 December 2012

It was the Made In Chelsea series finale tonight and, as always, it ended with a bang. There was no better way to end of the fourth series than with a party and, once again, it all kicked off for the Chelsea socialites. ‘Player’ Lucy decides to make her move as there’s trouble in paradise for Spencer and Louise, and as an old flame is reignited between Binky and Andy, Jamie decides to intervene and stir up trouble.

After Spencer broke the news to Louise last week about moving in with the Lost Boys, there still seemed to be trouble in paradise for the pair as tonight’s episode delivered more tears for Louise.

As Spencer confides in Jamie and Proudlock that Louise is being unfair and ‘rude’ about the moving in situation, he starts to doubt their relationship. Claiming he’s been ‘the best boyfriend ever’ and has ‘never been unfaithful’, Spencer seems to have completely forgot about his stint on reality show The Bachelor over the summer, in which he snogged the face off a countless number of girls..

Meanwhile, the everlasting love triangle is finally making progress now Proudlock is out of the equation. The only problem now, however, is that Sophia may now also have lost Francis.

Things are heating up for Francis as he took his date Ashley to a museum and after some awkward small talk and a few smooth lines, he managed to make his move and sneaked in a kiss.

Elsewhere, Sophia confides in Millie that she thinks she’s too late and Francis has moved on. Millie disagrees, however, and believes ‘it’s never too late’. As Sophia and Francis meet up for a quick catch up, Sophia admits the reason she came round to see him last week after her split from Proudlock. As we waited in anticipation for the pair to leap into each other’s arms, Francis just seemed to look more confused than ever and confessed that he’s happy with new flame Ashley.

Poor Sophia! The tables seem to have well and truly turned...

After a brutal heartbreak from Lucy last week, Andy seems to have returned his attention to old flame Binky, much to the disappointment of Jamie.

As Stevie, Andy, Cheska and Binky go out for drinks, Cheska admits the next day to pal Ollie that the chemistry between the pair was ‘electric’ and that she thinks Binky is pretty smitten with the charmer.

As both Ollie and Cheska give Andy the seal of approval, it seems the flame between Andy and Binky has been reignited. However, later on at Mark Francis’ 1950s Capri-inspired party, Binky confesses to Jamie that she and Andy slept together a few nights ago.

Admitting that any feelings she did have for him have now gone, Jamie’s temper gets the better of him and he’s determined to confront Andy about his appalling behaviour towards Binky. As the two battle it out in front of a bewildered Ollie, Jamie is furious in the way Andy treated Binky and thinks he should have known better.

Poor Binks, why can’t she find a decent man?!

Meanwhile, after trying to be supportive of Spencer’s new living arrangements, Louise visits the potential new pad. However, it’s not long before she bursts into tears and confesses that Spencer is using this opportunity to argue about all the problems in their relationship. However, he throws her comments back in her face and argues she’s the one who is making things difficult and that she’s being selfish.


To make matters worse Jamie confronts Louise on her behaviour later on at the party and confesses that he thinks she’s being unreasonable towards Spencer. He lets slip that ‘Spenny’ has been badmouthing her behind her back, to which she does respond well...

‘Player’ Lucy is still around and admits that it may be time to make her move on ‘bad boy’ Spencer as she doesnt think Spencer and Louise will be together for very much longer. As the two get chatting and apologising later on at the party, Lucy offers to give Spencer her number to which he kindly accepts.

Just at that moment an upset Louise interrupts and demands an explanation from her boyfriend. As Spencer refuses to let up on his behaviour and thinks he is doing nothing wrong, Louise just can’t stop the tears and the pair admit things aren’t going so well in their relationship.

Could this be the end for Spencer and Louise?

Will Lucy soon be sinking her claws into ‘Spenny’?

Find out next Monday on the Made In Chelsea Christmas Special on E4 at 10pm.

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