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Made In Chelsea:A Neverland Themed Birthday Party Turns Nasty For Lucy As Spencer Stirs Up More Trouble

3 December 2012

The Made In Chelsea gang always have something to celebrate and tonight we saw a Neverland themed birthday party for the three 'lost bois'. However, it's not all fun and games as the love triangle continued for Sophia, Francis and Proudlock. Also, just as things are hotting up for Lucy and Andy, Spencer stirs up more trouble for the blossoming couple.

At the beginning of tonight's episode, Proudlock and Sophia get closer as they place bets at a horse race and Proudlock decides to make his move by asking her out for a date. Meanwhile, Francis looks on and steals the occasional admiring glance at Sophia, he even got a cheeky hug when she won a bet!

Self-confessed player Lucy is still around and trouble and drama are not far behind her. As she meets up with new fling Andy she admits that she feels hurt about all the rumours spreading around Chelsea and adamantly denies the claims. As Andy chooses to believe her, the couple decide to keep seeing each other.

As the three ‘lost bois’, Proudlock, Jamie and Francis, meet for lunch they decide to have a birthday party with a Peter Pan Neverland theme! Proudlock tells Francis to admit his feelings for Sophia, but Francis says he only likes her as a friend and its fine for them to go on a date. However, he’s very unconvincing.

Later on, Sophia visits Francis at work and confesses her feelings about the Millie and Victoria drama that she’s caught in the middle of. Just as he grabs her hand for comfort and things seem to be going well, Sophia informs him of her date to the zoo with Proudlock. As Francis nods along and admits it’s fine, rather unconvincingly, the awkward atmosphere seems almost too much to bear.

As Spencer and Jamie meet up for some BFF time, Andy tags along also, creating a tense atmosphere as he demands to find out the truth about Lucy. Spencer tells Andy that Lucy is still talking to other boys and that he should be wary of her.

However, Andy completely ignores his advice and instead invites his new love interest round for dinner. The only problem is that he cooked her chicken curry, forgetting that she’s a vegetarian. Oops! Fair to say, she wasn’t too impressed.

However, Andy and his smooth ways soon fixed things as the couple rekindled the flame with lots of smooching on the sofa later on in the evening...

As the ‘lost bois’ celebrate their Neverland themed birthday party, which includes a cute Francis rocking up in his PJ’s, Louise returns to the Chelsea scene and demands the latest gossip from Millie and Rosie.The girls instantly inform her of Lucy’s arrival and the drama that follows and also of Sophia’s ‘betrayal’ as her friendship with Victoria is causing a rift.

Meanwhile, as Francis and Sophia have a chat, which involves Francis’ cuddly teddy bear, Sophia begins to get upset with Francis’ off behaviour and starts to cry. *Cue awkward silence*

As Andy and Louise catch up, Lucy keeps a close eye on the pair and instantly believes they are flirting with one another. Later on, as Lucy introduces herself to Louise, she confesses that she thinks Andy still has feelings for her and that her boyfriend Spencer has been causing trouble by spreading rumours. Speaking of the devil, Spencer pops up beside his girlfriend and Lucy instantly confronts him on his beahviour and ‘lies’ that he is spreading. As Spencer defends himself, Andy joins the conversation and pulls Lucy away, telling her to leave the issue alone and to just move on.

So things aren’t getting any better for Lucy as she seems to have established a bit of a negative reputation for herself amongst the MIC gang.

How will things turn out for her and Andy?

Find out next Monday on E4 at 10pm.

What did you think of tonight’s show?

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Made In Chelsea:A Neverland Themed Birthday Party Turns Nasty For Lucy As Spencer Stirs Up More Trou

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