Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Panned By Critics

29 June 2012
Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Panned By Critics
Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Panned By Critics

Last night Charlie Sheen's new sitcom debuted on the FX channel in the US to poor reviews from television critics, who have demanded that Charlie incorporate some of his own eccentric personality onto the show.

It's been the long awaited return to TV for Charlie, with fans tuning in to see whether the former Two and a Half Men actor would acknowledge his controversial year since leaving the show.

The Philadelphia Daily News mentions the predictable nature of some of the gags in Anger Management, saying: "[It is] funny in that way where you might see the joke hanging there and even if it's a little bit obvious, you're happy enough when the actor hits it."

The San Francisco Chronicle reports: “This is all fairly predictable stuff and makes for a show that you'd watch because of the cast but would never put in the top tier of TV shows or talk about the next day at the office."

The Huffington Post slate the self indulgent nature of the show, saying: "Despite the careful attention to image enhancement possibilities, the core ugliness and toxic narcissism of Anger Management are impossible to ignore."

The Mail Online have dubbed Charlie's newest effort as “wildness tamed”, and are urging the outlandish actor to incorporate more of his own personality into his on-screen character, Charlie Goodson.

Would you watch Anger Management? Are you interested to see what Charlie does next?

Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men

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