Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Spencer and Heidi return to the house, Rylan tries to make amends

Following their almighty fall out with pretty much everyone in the house last night, Heidi and Spencer slept in the basement away from the main house.

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After having time to reflect, Heidi speculated how her fellow housemates would react on their return saying: "They are either going to be angrier secretly today or calmer."

Awaiting the couple's return, the housemates admitted that they were worried about what would happen when Heidi and Spencer rejoined the house.

When they eventually did, you could have cut the tense atmosphere with a knife.

Keeping their distance from the couple, Rylan and Claire discussed Speidi's return.

She told Rylan: "I'm not really quite sure how to deal with it…" with Rylan adding: "I don't know what I want to say to them. I want to talk through everything that's been said but I don't want everyone else to think I'm starting a row."

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Claire then concluded: "I don't know whether to say something or act like nothing happens."

Aware of the tense situation, Heidi and Spencer took to the Diary to discuss their housemates reactions.

Spencer told Big Brother: "Everyone is walking on egg shells. Claire hasn't even come out of the bedroom all day to face us, you are an adult mum, it's a TV show game; there is no record contract we took from you! Don't hate on us that we nominated you, you nominated us - what did we do different?"

Heidi added: "I don't even understand these people, it doesn't affect us if you are pouting in the bedroom all day long."

Later on in the evening, Rylan attempted to bond with the Speidi by making a joke of the argument .

He said:"It was a bit like The Hills last night."

Laughing, Heidi replied: "That was right out of The Hills! You would have been a girl yelling at me."

Rylan continued: "I can't wait to watch last night back. In a rage, I took a protein shake out of the fridge! I was like; I just got to do something! I expected to wake up this morning with a six pack."

Heidi and Spencer then stated that they believed the public would hate them following the row.

The group all agreed that they wouldn't be with Razor remarking that 'everyone loves a baddie'.

With the house seemingly at peace, Heidi and Spencer decided to sleep in the basement again.

Before they went to bed however, the couple told each other that they thought the group still didn't like them.

Spencer explained:"Rylan hates us first, then Claire and Trish."

Heidi then added: "I dunno, I think Razor is up there."