Celebrity Big Brother: Speidi Say Goodbye To The Basement


Celebrity Big Brother has started and there has already been a whole lot of drama! After last night’s twist the celebrities are now suffering the consequences of Rylan and Frankie’s decisions.

Last night, Rylan Clark and Frankie Detorri were given the horrible task of deciding which celebrities would join them in the swanky and cosy house and who had to travel down to the dark depths of the basement to spend the night. After a lot of thought, the celebrities in the house were; Claire from Steps, Tricia Penrose, Gillian Taylforth and Lacey Banghard. However, this left Paula Hamilton, Ryan Moloney, Sam Robertson and Neil ‘Razor’ Roddock to head on down to the dreary basement.

After picking these celebrities, Rylan and Frankie were put in yet another dilemma – they had to either sacrifice themselves and go to the basement or allow Spencer and Heidi (Speidi) to go instead of them. Rylan argued that they were used to glamour in LA, saying “I come from Essex…it’s mostly raining”. Seems fair enough? Well, Spencer didn’t exactly think so.

Spencer did not take this decision well, saying that they “should have sacrificed themselves” as he would never put himself above anyone else like that. He clearly showed his distress saying “they’ve crossed me Big Bro”. Him and Heidi were not loving their situation and did not choose to go out to the garden and meet the other celebrities that were in the house. It’s safe to say there was quite a bit of tension between them and the other celebrities. Not only did they feel uncomfortable in the basement, as Americans they started to realise the slight culture clash – shown through their many attempts at a British accent. You never know, they could sound like a true cockney by the end of the series?

Celebrity Big Brother: Speidi Say Goodbye To The BasementCelebrity Big Brother: Speidi Say Goodbye To The Basement

Spencer was not best pleased about being put in the basement (Photo: WENN)

Not only were the celebrities in the basement enduring small spaces and dark scenery, they had no hot or running water, no change of clothes and the only food available was from scavenging through the rubbish – not so glamorous. To make matters worse, while they were suffering, the celebrities in the house were enjoying numerous bottles of champagne, as they lounged around on plush sofas in the warmth. The basement was so bad that it became a bit too much for Paula who was transferred to the house by the Big Brother doctor.

Just as the celebrities were starting to get settled they were faced with another horrific decision. The house residents had to choose someone to send into the basement. Frankie was chosen (with the rest of the votes for Rylan) because they said he would “be able to cope” and would “do really well”. Rylan felt so bad for voting for him he even drew him a picture of a horse – how sweet!

So, Frankie journeyed into the basement ready to adapt to the very different environment. However, he couldn’t get too comfortable, because he had a decision to make – he had to choose someone to leave the basement and go up to the luxurious house. Given 20 seconds each to try and influence his decision, every celebrity (including Razor) said that it should be Razor who should get to go into the house as he is “the heart” of their team. This didn’t go to plan though as Frankie took a different approach and chose Speidi to enter the house, because he wants them to clear the awkwardness and “sort the s**t out” with the other housemates.

Well, let’s hope Frankie’s plan doesn’t back fire and cause too many arguments. Hopefully Heidi and Spencer can adapt to the luxurious environment of the house - complete with igloo –and they start to bond with all the other housemates. Then again, what’s Celebrity Big Brother without a bit of drama!

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