Celebrity Big Brother’s Lacey Banghard: I did question Heidi Montag’s trust in Spencer after her naked shower rant

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Lacey Banghard has questioned Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's relationship following naked-shower-gate earlier this week. 

Lacey's out of CBB + Ryan + Razor get told off!Lacey Banghard's been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house - and there's a nomination twist thanks to Ryan and Razor:

Talking this morning to omg!, Lacey branded the situation as "frickin ridiculous", arguing that Heidi shouldn't have reacted the way she did considering she is supposed to be in a secure relationship with husband Spencer.

She explained: "I was a bit confused. The way they seemed so in love and they've been through so much you would kind of think that something as little as me frickin getting into a shower would bother them.

"The worst thing was that I came out [the shower], I'm fuming because she bl***dy took my towel, I had no idea what is going on and then she's having a go at me!

"I was like, Spencer wasn't even in the frickin bathroom when I got naked and I was having a shower."

Lacey Banghard's naked shower caused controversy in the house. Copyright [Rex] Lacey's naked showering caused tension between her and Heidi earlier this week after 'The Hills' star branded the model's behaviour as 'super inappropriate' considering her husband Spencer could have seen.

When asked if she thought if Heidi perhaps flew off the handle because of trust issues in her relationship with Spencer, Lacey admitted that the idea had crossed her mind.

She said: "Seeing that it does make me question it. But I don't know the ins and out of their relationship.

"They seem like a really strong couple, they've been together for six years. Twice a year she goes to visit her mum for two days so that's the most amount of time they spend apart from each other.

"So I'm not sure. We all found that a bit crazy."

Copyright [Channel 5] 

Like most glamour models who enter the Big Brother house, Lacey received a less than flattering reception from the crowd on the show's launch night.

And Lacey admits that her main reason for taking part in the show was to change people's perceptions of her trade.

She said: "I really wanted to give a different perception of glamour models.

"I was booed massively when I went in so to come out with everyone cheering was just so amazing.

"It was my biggest fear. I wasn't scared of leaving I was just terrified of people really hating me."

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So now she's out, what are Lacey's plans for the future?

"I'd be very happy to bring out my condom range. I'm so happy that people have responded well to it," she admitted.

Lacey continued: "I'll try different avenues, maybe try some acting. Have a dabble in things.

"I love Downton Abbey, it's so good, that would be the best thing in the world. I'd love it, I love dressing up. I wouldn't mind it if I was a maid."

So keep your eyes peeled for Banghard condoms in a chemist near you soon and perhaps even a cameo in the next series of Downton Abbey.

What would Maggie Smith have to say about that?

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