Celebrity Big Brother’s Jasmine Lennard: I played the villain very well

Omg! Talks Exclusively to Celebrity Big Brother Evictee Jasmine Lennard

After a dramatic week of tantrums, arguments and hissy fits, model Jasmine Lennard became the first casualty of the Celebrity Big Brother 2012 house last night after losing out to model Rhian Sugden in the public vote.

Talking to omg! this morning, Jasmine spoke about her time in the house and how she felt about being this year's Celebrity Big Brother villain.

She told us: "I think that I played the villain very well and I'm happy with my part, I'm pleased to have entertained people. It's all good fun at the end of the day."

During her time in the house Jasmine was known for speaking her mind, freely admitting that she was 'Queen Bitch' on the first night. Having had time to see how she came across on the show, Jasmine admits that she is annoyed by the way she was portrayed.

She explained: "It's a pantomime but it's an absolutely brilliant one and whilst I'm very frustrated at Channel 5 and at Big Brother I think that it's genius. I'd rather be the bitch than the dumb dumb or the Gold Digger."

She continued: "I'm absolutely stunned at how the story has been written…I think that it is hysterically funny, I'm taking it all with a pinch of salt and I just hope I've entertained everybody."

Well there's no denying that she did just that.

Following her many melodramatic moments in the house there was always one housemate on hand to comfort Jasmine, Corrie legend Julie Goodyear.

However, as we will see in tonight's episode, Jasmine has since fallen out with the actress when it was revealed to her that Julie had only been lending her a shoulder to cry on in a bid to lead an easier life inside the house. Despite this, Jasmine still has a lot of respect for Julie.

She said: "I think she was sincerely insincere, I think that she is a phenomenal actress and I think that she's played me and played the game so well that if I saw her I would have to shake her hand and congratulate her."

"She's a bitch isn't she? She's a wonderful bitch and I hope when I'm her age I can be a bit like her."

Following a particularly heated altercation, page three model Rhian Sugden claimed to have been too scared to be around Jasmine. This is something that Jasmine finds hard to believe.

She explained: "Do you really think that girl who takes her clothes off for a living, hangs out in some of the roughest bars in Manchester and who's taken Jordon on is intimidated by me? Absolutely not!"

"But I'll give her credit for her acting, she did incredibly well but she wasn't remotely intimidated by me at all."

After spending a week in the company of her celebrity housemates, Jasmine believes that despite what we have seen on our screens, she has made some real friends inside the house.

Jasmine admitted: "Ultimately yes I am completely mad and yes I do say outrageous things. I do speak my mind and wear my heart on my sleeve but by the end of my experience there, they all liked me. We were a dysfunctional family of sorts."