Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi and Spencer refuse the latest task, Rylan kicks off and Claire breaks down

Heidi and Spencer caused more controversy on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother after refusing to take part in a task resulting in Claire Richards missing out on receiving a letter from home.

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And to make matters worse, on hearing the result, the couple clapped and laughed in front of an evidently unhappy Claire.

For their task the couple were issued with a restraining order and told that in order to win a letter from home for one of their housemates all they had to do was not be in the same room as each other.

Tearing up the restraining order, Heidi told Big Brother: "We're not gonna take that I don't care which housemate it is, none of their letters are worth not being with my husband."

As the results of the task were revealed, all the housemates but Heidi and Spencer won letters.

With Heidi and Spencer both clapping at the result, Rylan raged: "Don't clap, that's rude. All she wanted was a letter from her kids."

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Backing Rylan up, Razor told the two to stop before adding: "That's heartless, she's got kids."

Retreating to the bedroom, Heidi and Spencer began to laugh at the situation, causing Rylan to fly off the handle.

Shouting at the couple from the living room Rylan yelled: "F**king clapping, disgraceful. Clapping in the face of a crying woman, disgraceful, a twenty-nine year old man!

"Get out of the house, no one f**king wants you here."

If they weren't before, the gloves are now most definitely off.

When the time came for the housemates to read out their letter from home, everyone refused to take part in solidarity with Claire and against Speidi.

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Later on the housemates discussed the couple's behavior, highlighting that Heidi's reaction to the task surprised them most.

Rylan said: "I'm more shocked by her, all along I thought it was him leading her along."

Claire added: "I don't think she's as innocent as she makes out," with Rylan then quipping: "She dances like a lap dancer, are you taking the p**s?"

Before bed, Claire took to the Diary room to talk about the emotional day she had just been through.

Unable to keep her emotions under control, the singer burst into tears at the thought of missing out on a letter from her children.

She said: "Having the letter meant everything, just that little push to get me through the last five days…anyone with any sense of decency, whether it's your persona or not, would do such a thing. That's callous."