Celebrity Big Brother: The Spencer and Heidi circus overshadowed everyone, says Frankie Dettori

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Frankie Dettori has defended claims that he was quiet during his time in the house- blaming Spencer and Heidi for taking the focus off of him and his fellow housemates.

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Talking to omg! this morning, the jockey claimed that he was far from quiet but thanks to the 'Heidi and Spencer circus', he simply came across that way.

He said: "I think the Spencer and Heidi circus took the shine off everybody."

"If you saw me in the house, ask all my housemates, I wasn't quiet at all.

"It was the Speidi show. I was the first one up and the last to bed. It's quite weird that I came across quiet.

"I was quiet when people were arguing about stupid things, in general I was quite active."

When asked if he was upset to have left the house before the controversial couple, Frankie was resolute that he couldn't care less.

He explained: "I don't care to be honest. It's Big Brother, there is no rhyme or reason. For the people watching I suppose they were good entertainment. I tried to be myself and stay away from the bitchy and petty things that happened in the house.

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"I still don't know if they are really them or if they are playing a game. I'm actually more confused. For the last three weeks they've been blowing hot and cold so I have no idea."

On being asked if he was upset about leaving just two days before the final, Frankie admitted that he was happy to out because he wouldn't be missing out on anything.

He said: "We only had two days to go, nothing is going to happen in the next two days so I did everything I wanted to do.

"I loved it, I did three weeks- it was my son's birthday yesterday so I'm happy I'm out and I'll see him later this afternoon.

"I knew that I was never going to win it with people like Rylan in the house so I'm happy I'm out and can spend the next couple of days watching it."